Rest In Peace

Max (the wonder fish) has "passed on." I can't help feeling that somehow this is my fault. After blogging about Max the other day I started thinking about how nice it would be to have a baby Max. He had good genes after all.

Anyhow, I went to Walmart and bought Max a wife ("Anonymous" - see Strangerhood for details on the name) and brought her home to him. I went online and read about the breeding of Bettas.

We put Anonymous in a little bowl next to the bowl Max lived in. He got very excited and started to build a nest of air for his babies to live in. He would come to the top of the water, lay on his side and breathe in air. Then, he would go underwater and start blowing bubbles. It was fascinating. But, he either breathed air a little too long or his poor little heart just couldn't take the excitement.

John and Katie are planning funeral services in the backyard (although the toilet seems more appropriate - burial at sea and all that) later today. We now have one ugly Betta (aka anon.) and no Max - and also no Max babies .

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  1. AuntCandi says:

    I think fish must be loners because Abraham (our ancient goldfish) bit the dust when we bought him a buddy, too. Tell Katie I'm sorry :(. It's sad to lose a pet - even a fish.

    AuntCandi says:

    P.S. How long have you had that guy?

    Whit says:

    Almost three years. It is sad - but I feel really bad about my part in it. :(

    First, it is sad.
    Seccond: HER NAME IS SHELA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT Anonnamous.
    Third: Shela is NOT ugly!
    Fourth: Of couse we can't jus flush him.
    Fifth: I'm running out of things to type.
    Six: I don't know why I am still writing these things, I'm out of things to say.
    Seven: Okay, I'm done, goodbye.

    max was a good friend. i'll miss him. it is more sad than little jerry who committed suicide after only living with me for a few months.

    AuntCandi says:

    Now we know why the fish died - identity crisis!


    Whit says:

    I think Aunt Candi thought you meant Max's name was Sheila. :O)

    Katie thinks Anonymous' name is Sheila, but it's not.

    AuntCandi says:

    Okay, I'm a real person & even I'm confused - see what I mean about the fish? :p

    gam says:

    ..sooo sad! Good-bye Max.

    Whit says:

    You could be right, Can!

    Carrie says:

    I'm sorry to here about Max. I feel really bad that I could attend the funneral. I'm going to miss seeing the little guy everytime I'm over at the house. I could shed a tear for pour or Max. Remember I only cry when animals die!

    AuntCandi says:

    hi Carrie!

    I cry when fictional peoples die (Serious & other peoples!). Poor Max, and now SHELA is all alone (snif!)

    Carrie says:

    I wrote this great post and now it's gone. I must of done something stupid!

    I think I cry when animals die because they mostly do not deserve it, with the exeption of my parents spoiled rotten beast. She deserve to have her neck rung like I used to do on my grandpa's farm.

    No Katie I don't think I could actually ring her neck, I just feel like most of the time. I spent the weekend cleaning up after her by steam cleaning carpets. I've decide that if I have any animals in the future they will all reside outside of where I live.

    I thing the strangerhood reference was a crack up. I almost choked on my water. It went down the wrong tube!

    Hey back Candi.

    Glad U thought so (make sure you be carefull drinking your water, at school I was getting a drink from the drinking fountan and my friend made me laugh and I laughed water out my nose, I sat down in the hallway and laughed for about five minutes). Yeah, Max is dead and SHELA is alone, it's sad. What animal is your Parent's Spoiled Rotten Beast?

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