DMV - Three letters I hate to see together. I waited patiently long (some might say too long) beyond the time I should have waited for my car registratio renewal to come in the mail. I LIKE renewing my registration online.

It never came.

Today, under threat of death (by my husband who wouldn't recognize the inside of the DMV...), I first had the car inspected (it passed) $15 and then made my way to the court house for what I thought would be an ordeal. It wasn't. Ten minutes and $105 later I was the proud owner of an 06 sticker for my license plate.

They had my address wrong. Last year I got it in the mail. This year my address is wrong??

I'm hot and tired. I live in a city that is too hot or too cold and very rarely is Goldilocks happy with the weather here.

Do any of you have DMV stories? Other red-tape tales? I'll bet you an 05 sticker that yours is more entertaining than mine!

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  1. AuntCandi says:

    I have a good one - nine months pregnant with Owen and my driver's license had expired. I had to wait to retake the tests and the line was SO long.

    But the good news was - I looked nine months pregnant, so everyone was very nice to me. The young man behind me in line, found a chair for me and kept moving it for me as the line progressed. I also hate the DMV, but that trip wasn't too bad.

    Whit says:

    EEEeek. Well, I did a dumb one this year. It was after my birthday and I freaked out cause my license expired. I went to the DMV and stood in line and filled out the paperwork and got up there and the guy laughed and pointed out that what I THOUGHT said 2005 actually said 2006. So, I get to go through it all again next year.

    AuntCandi says:

    lol, bummer :).

    Sharon says:

    I break out in hives at the mere mention of the DMV, just ask Cyndy. When I moved to TN they didn’t update their database like they’re supposed to, so when I moved back, over a period of about a year, they tried to: fine me $1500+ for not having my car registered in MD while it was registered in TN; fine me for not having my car insured in MD while it was insured in TN; and had the MD state comptroller’s office investigate whether why I didn’t pay MD state taxes while I was living in TN. And since they hadn’t entered the information that I had been out of state they couldn’t figure out how to issue me a new MD driver’s license since their database thought I had never left. That took 3 long visits over a week and a half. I almost became a CNN news story when after all that the little man taking driver’s license pictures said “Oh come on, you can smile better than that!” My friends will tell you that I avoid confrontation like no other person, but the last time the DMV sent me a letter trying to fine me for another mythical infraction I called them and apparently scared them enough that they put me on hold for a few minutes and then came back and said the issue was suddenly taken care of, and I haven’t heard from then in awhile. Deep cleansing breaths...deep cleansing breaths...

    Whit says:

    OH NO!!! Okay, I guess I need to send you the sticker. You are the champ!! That's just horrible.

    John says:

    Hey, I've been in the DMV once or twice.

    One time my license had been expired for several months. Like, maybe a year. The lady behind the counter said "Have you had any tickets while your license was expired?" I said no, and she gave me a new one. That was it. I think maybe I waited in line a minute or two. Maybe not.

    Whit says:

    Show off. No sticker for you.

    AuntCandi says:
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    AuntCandi says:

    LOL, John.

    Sharon, your story is unbelievable! We had a remotely similar thing happen to us this year that just made me fume. I guess I bounced a $40 check when we were newlyweds and it happened between a move so we never received or were forwarded a bill it. Anyway, they contacted me recently (said they couldn't find us until now (funny since we're always listed with both of our names) and charged us around $300 for the check. GRRRR, I get hopping mad thinking about it.

    What does DMV mean? I feel excluded from this conversation.

    the office here in logan is really good, no lines usually.

    Anonymous says:

    Department of Motor Vehicles

    Thanks. That helps me a WHOLE lot, but thanks...

    Anonymous says:

    It's where you get your driver's license. You learn the name really well when you turn 15.

    Susan says:

    We sent off our registration on May 21st. The check cleared and here it is - July 17th and STILL no sticker. My tags expire at the end of this month. Grr...looks like a trip to the DMV for me too. NOT my favorite place. NEXT TIME I will bring my knitting and perhaps finish a sweater while I'm waiting!

    Whit says:

    Horrible, daesme... At least you'll get some knitting done!! I need to remember to carry my bag with me.

    You peoples are phsycotic, just so you know. Thanks ANONYMOUS, that helps me a lot more then the PIRATES deffinition (But now I know what it means...)

    Sharon says:

    Lol...I wish I didn't know what the letters meant. Don't worry, you'll become aquainted with them all too soon...he he he.

    THANKS, you sound so sorry for me.

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