Oooohhhh, Ahhhhh... the fireworks. This particular firework was at my house. We bought (entirely legal, of course) fireworks as we do each year and the kids went nuts in the front yard. Their favorite (I think) was putting "flowers" in the brook that runs in front of our house. These got the biggest ooohs and ahhhs of all. My favorite part, of course, was when it was all over. I HATE fireworks. We never go to a stadium to watch them. They are noisy and dangerous - two of my least favorite things. That is why there are no pictures of the flowers in the brook - I would have actually had to get fairly close for such a picture. Not gonna happen.

I think my hatred of fireworks stems from when I was a little girl and we did our own fireworks and they burned holes in my clothes. Actually, I was too young to remember who did it - maybe it was actually a city event? Who knows? Still, I had little holes burned into my clothes. They could have caught me on fire and I could have died!

I am the only one in the family who hates, them, though - and I try to put on a happy face for it. Here you see Shadow in anticipation of the show!

The medium-sized one on the left - much better than the huge on on the right... which just goes to show that you can't judge a firework by... well, you know.

1 Response to "Fireworks"

  1. Shadow actucally didn't seem to like them very much. She seemed to wonder why anyone would want to set off something that made loud noises, shot sparks and burn someone's fur off all at the same time. My favorite was the Houdini (see my blog), becouse I didn't see the Flower. You even seemed to like the Houdini.

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