HP Revisited

Well, I finished listening to HP 5, so now I'm listening to HP 4. I love these books - and I'm getting a lot of housework done!!!

I had canceled my Amazon order because I didn't trust it to show up, but when I called my local Borders they gave me the run around and said they couldn't guarantee to have it in stock for me. SO, I re-placed my Amazon order and I'll be crossing my fingers.

If you order by the 11th they are (sort of) guaranteeing delivery for next Saturday. John says to just be patient and get it a day or two later. He just doesn't get it.

I'm off to clean/listen some more!!

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  1. He's not as obsessed as us! I CANT WAIT!!

    AuntCandi says:

    Be patient?? I'm off to Wally World to order mine now. I met a cool new friend at the pool today and we decided we'll go at midnight & pick ours up :). Good thing it's a Saturday because I think I'll be sleeping in on Sunday.

    Aren't you excited about Mom & Dad's news?

    Whit says:


    AuntCandi says:

    I have to say that the people of Oklahoma City are sadly oblivious to the release of HBP. Not even the management of Wal-Mart knew how to order/reserve a copy.

    Anyway, I ended up calling B&N. They're close and are guaranteeing held copies if you call in advance and don't require any & down. Aaah. I'm happy now :).

    Only six days left.......

    Sharon says:

    Don't ya just love amazon.com...actually I have a love-hate relationship with it..any book I can think of I can get there, and I'm constantly in debt because of that! And amazon.co.uk loves me too! You inspired me Whit, I've started my blog again and maybe I'll actually keep it going more than a few weeks this time.

    Whit says:

    Hooray! I'll come check it out! I love amazon and also half.com (for older books).

    I CANNOT waite for book SIX!!!!!!!!!! I'm dying becouse I have to keep REreading books until six comes out, I've read all my Lavignes, Junie B.s, and a few odd books (but I can't find my favorite REread, Not For a Billion Gazillion Dollars).

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