Tie one on...

Well, I'm knitting a necktie. Seriously. I decided I wanted a nice little project and it is tiny thread and tiny needles -- it is insane.

I have an old book "Complete Guide to Modern Knitting and Crocheting" (pub. 1947) and it is a fabulous book. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time and then I remember food processors, iPods, and my Chi -- and oh, yeah - THE INTERNET.

Anyhow, back to the tie - I'm knitting happily along and I decide to read to the end - the part where I put it together and I see that I need something called a "tie board" which I'm now positive does not exist in the year 2005. No mention anywhere on Google. It is a sad day, because I will have to craft my own which can lead to nothing good. I will be making a tie shape out of cardboard? Or something like that... Can't wait.

Haven't worked on 1SW since my last post about it. I got yarn-sick. The pink was starting to get to me. I think I'll try to finish it up in the next day or two. Meanwhile, I'm listening to HP4 and knitting with yarn that looks like a bowl of fruit loops that got sick. I decided that I chose this yarn so that if the tie looks ridiculous it will seem intentional. Plus, also, when I get sick of this yarn

I will go back to the nice soothing pink yarn and finish the 1SW.

3 Response to "Tie one on..."

  1. AuntCandi says:

    Wow, crafty gal. Who is this tie for? I'm very curious about it. Wish I'd brought more crafty stuff here. I'm getting bored to tears already. Think I'll order Shopaholic & Secret Life of Bees on Half. Have a nice Sunday!

    Whit says:

    That sounds like a great plan!!! I hope I finally have time tomorrow to go buy the magazine you're in before it's all sold out.

    The tie is for Katie. She has decided she likes the idea of wearing a tie. She wants a plain dark blue one, though so I guess we'll see. :O)

    Yes, tie's for me. I'm wearing it with a white shirt and a blue skirt, I was gonna wear pants but mom said it'd make me look like a boy, so I changed my mind. But I was commenting on the tie, it looks cool, but it REALLY wouldn't go with the look I'm going for, so if you say NO BLUE, I'll say THEN I'LL BUY MY OWN. So ha, ha (but I like your nitted tie!).

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