Corkscrew Scarf

Used to be the potato chip scarf - but I figured with the new incarnation it needed a new name. This is what I did.

With Bernat Boa (color phoenix), and a K hook, I chained 90 loose. Then I double crocheted four in each stitch across. That's it. It only took 30-45 minutes and it's adorable.

9 Response to "Corkscrew Scarf"

  1. I remeber when you used to make those things for Katie's barbie's hair. They were so awsome!

    I like the scarf, espesially the yarn. Too bad it never gets cold here!

    Whit says:

    lol Ginny - didn't know you still came to my blog. How's yours coming? Well, I'm glad you like the scarf - it's actually probably a good AZ scarf as it's not actually very warm. :O)

    AuntCandi says:

    Very cute & I like the color.

    Whit says:

    I think it looks like a cross between a boa, a lei and a scarf. Kind of fun. Yarn is on sale at JoAnns next week (the foofy yarn), so I'm going to make some more.

    If I teach at Michaels, this will be one of the classes - cause you can easily make one during a class time. :O)

    I think it looks like Christmas Tincel.

    My blog has changed, it's now I think the other blog had issues.

    During the summer I took some knitting classes from a lady in our ward. She taught me how to make a washcloth and now I don't have anything else to do. Kendle's learning how to make socks but I'm going to wait a while until I get better at knitting.

    Whit says:

    Kendle's doing SOCKS?! Wow, that is so impressive - very advanced knitting, socks. Good job girls! I found a pattern for a tea cozy. :O)

    I'd like to learn how to make a tea cozy (if for nothing but in Doby's honor.) Yeah, I can't believe Kendle's making socks, I think it's more because the lady teaching us how to make socks kind of forced it on her.

    Whit says:

    Here's a link to a knitted tea cozy. :O)

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