FREE Toy?!

Okay, I am the Leader of the "loss leader" and believe you me, I know a good deal when I see one. Today, for instance, I went to a local grocery store to purchase cereal because they had the big boxes of Kelloggs on sale 3/$5 AND as a bonus deal, if I bought four boxes I got a free gallon of milk. Milk being more expensive even than gas per gallon right now this is a FABULOUS deal.

But, the one thing I didn't bargain on was when I opened up my first box and found this adorable "wobbler" staring up at me from his plastic bag home. Thumper! I haven't seen cute cereal toys in ages. What is it about a cute toy in a cereal box that makes me want to go open all my cereal boxes? What are some of the cereal box toys you remember?

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  1. gam says:

    Growing up we didn't have surprises in cereal boxes - even if we did I wouldn't know - I HATED cold cereal - or hot cereal for that matter! It was only when I started WW that I started eating raisin bran!

    We did have great prizes in Cracker Jacks - and, as I recall glasses in boxes of detergent and gifts at banks and at gas stations - in fact, lots of gifts - my mother had an entire set of "china" from bank deposits!

    Whit says:

    GLASSES?! Now that would be weird.

    I remember frisbee Os from cheerios and I remember little weird creatures. Cracker Jack prizes were pretty lame by the time I came around.

    Rob got fruit stripe gum yesterday and was doing the little tattoos that come with those. Strange kid. He said if he ever gets a real tattoo, he's going to get one of the zebra from the fruit stripe gum. I said if he ever gets a tattoo, the zebra can be his new mom.

    Sharon says:

    Awww...I love the bunny. My mom never got us sugary cereal so I don't remember alot of cereal prizes (my Grandma Bierkle always kept a box of Fruit Loops around for our visits as a And I hated (still do) hot cereal. I remember great Cracker Jack prizes, though, because Grandma also kept those in stock and saved all the prizes in a box, and that was when they were cool things. I don't know whatever happened to them, they'd probably be collector's items now. We used to get alot of thing with Green Stamps, which I read are coming back in a new incarnation.

    AuntCandi says:

    Don't like hot cereal, but I do like oatmeal, if that counts :).

    I don't remember any specific cereal prizes - sad, huh? My kids did get the coolest cereal box prizes ever a couple of months ago. When the new Star Wars movie came out, they realeased light up light saber spoons. They were so cool I had to call everyone I knew with a little boy to tell them about em, lol.

    gam says:

    I did the green stamp thing - LOVED them! There were Gold Bond Stamps, too, my mother saved everything - our everyday stainless was the Betty Crocker kind - she got them with the coupons - NO MONEY - just coupons! My mother could save 75cents of every dollar my dad earned!

    Steve and I visited a library at Yale donated by the brothers who invented Green Stamps - there were TWO Gutenberg Bibles, there! The walls are a thin marble - very very pretty! I loved that place!

    laura says:

    I remember that there was a bank in the Phoenix area that gave away glasses with pictures by DeGrazia on them. (This was before he became famous.) We had a whole set of them and ended up throwing them away at some point. I'd sure like to have those glasses now!

    I also remember that some gas stations were giving away Noah's Ark sets. With each purchase of gas, you got 2 animals. We used to hunt around to try to find stations with animals that we didn't have yet.

    gam says:

    ...I forgot about the DeGrazia's - Aunt Renee has a bunch of his stuff and I gave her a set of the glasses - that had been given to a bank manager's wife!

    Sharon says:

    I remember we used to get alot of glasses at gas stations. And stuffed animals, pretty big ones. What was that gas company, out of business now, that had the winged horse as it's logo..... I remember getting a stuffed beagle from them.

    tammy says:

    wow! green stamps. boy that was a family affair. & whit i LOVE that thumper toy, how big is it? looks huge.
    my fave cereal prize was in fruity/cocoa pebbles. in the early 80's they had these popsicle molds in the shapes of the flintstones, there was even a bam bam club shaped stick to hold the popsicle by. :')

    Whit says:

    Yeah - it looks enormous in the pic, but actually it IS quite big for a little cereal toy. It's a couple of inches high.

    I can order the whole set (50 of them!) from Kelloggs for $30. I just can't think what I would do with them. They're just so darn cute!

    John & I collected Christmas glasses from Arbys when we first got married. They were actually quite nice!

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