Potato Chip Scarf

You can't have just one? HAH! I made one of these scarves using worsted weight - I made it smaller (start with 60 stitches instead of 90) and it was okay to make and kind of cute, but I wished I had used smaller weight yarn. SO, I started another one. Well, I got sick of it quick and even using 36" circs - it was a tight fit (I'd never make it on straight needles). Binding off (I use the crochet hook method) is taking forever (720 stitches!!!), but I should finish it today.

Meanwhile, while I was binding off I realized that this was one pattern that would be FAR easier crocheted. So, I came up with my own version (but crochet). If any of you want to use it, this is what you do:

Chain as many as you want for the length you want (when finished it will be 20-30% longer than the chain). Use a hook approx. two sizes larger than you would normally use for whatever yarn you're using.

Pattern row: In the third chain from the hook, 2 dc. *3 tc in next stitch, 3 dc in next stitch. Repeat from * to the end.

If you want a sturdier base (and a slightly wider scarf) you can do a row of single crochet before starting the pattern.

Here is a picture of my knitted scarf and my crocheted scarf. Pretty close! (I think if I'd left out the single crochet row it would be even closer - and, of course, it's different yarn) The crocheted scarf is about ten times faster. Tomorrow I will post a picture of two with the same yarn. :O)

4 Response to "Potato Chip Scarf"

  1. gam says:

    ...how wide are they? Cute, but tiny - how is worn? Okay, this one just conjured up questions...

    Whit says:

    They are quite narrow - they are little frilly things that drape over your coat or whatever. I am sick of them and if I never see another one it may well be too soon.

    Some of my crochet friends are making them as holiday garlands in red/green/gold, etc.

    Sharon says:

    Those are cute, I can imagine using several at one time, in different colors. But I don't know if I'd have the patience to make more than one. I just got the latest Vogue knitting magazine and it has a couple patterns I might try. There's a coat that is gorgeous and looks quick and easy enough to hold my interest long enough to finish it.

    Whit says:

    Yeah - the knitting pattern on this scarf is a pain (literally) and I knit pretty loose. Now that I have the crochet one down, I am going to try it in a few funky yarns.

    I just got Interweave Knits (I bought a summer issue on Ebay) because there are several patterns I LOVE, but mostly there's a sweater called "Lace Leaf Pullover" that I am dying to make. Katie loves it - so I think I'll make it for her. I practiced the leaf pattern on some other yarn and it's beautiful!

    Definitely post a pic of the coat!!!

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