Happy B-Day to my amazing mother!
She is not only my Mom, but one of my very best friends.
Thanks, Mom!!!
For you, my first felted bag.
If you want to see how weird the transformation is,
here is the "before" picture:

10 Response to "HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mom"

  1. gam says:

    I love it! I just gasped when I saw it and declared - right out loud, "Oh, my gosh - it's beautiful!" I don't know what I was expecting, but nothing I could have imagined would have been so gorgeous! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I'm going to wear black and carry it at the STF - tres chic!

    AuntCandi says:

    super cute!! um, I want one... lol

    Whit says:

    Lol. I really love it - more than I had anticipated. Plus, felting is one of the most fun things EVER.

    Candi, I'm sure everyone will get one. :O) You will have to come up and choose some yarn for yours.

    I had so much fun coming up with the color pattern (there are even two pink stripes on the bottom). It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to do the handles.

    Anyway, glad you like it. It was WAY fun to make and when I took it to Michaels the other day I didn't think I was going to be coming home with it.

    Sharon says:

    That is soooo cute! I've been wanting to try felting ever since I saw so many cool felted things in Iceland, now I'm gonna have to go ahead and do it. Very nice!

    Whit says:

    Thanks! It is just REALLY fun and addicting so watch yourself. :O) This one is adapted from the "booga bag" pattern that's free online. I made it with 10s instead of 10 1/2s so the bottom was slightly smaller and then made it slightly longer. I also did my own color pattern and added the blanket stitch. Anyhow - you'll LOVE it!

    Ariadne says:

    Oh that is totally gorgeous! What a fabulous color combination!

    Whit says:

    Thanks - I LOVE pink and black together.

    gam says:

    ..okay, I keep dragging friends and neighbors to the computer to show them the picture - I still can't believe the transformation from before to after - soooo gorgeous - still today - 24 hours later!

    tammy says:

    I am sooo happy that you are infected with the felting bug!

    Whit says:

    lol - can't wait to make another! I'm going to do three "little" bags for some girls I know for school. I saw a thing on how to do handles with rubber tubing and ribbon.... cool.

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