Double Crochet

Here are the two dishcloths for my exchange. One of them did not want to be photographed, so is a little blurry. It is weird that some yarns/stitches in some situations are just really hard to take pics of. This basket stitch is one.

Today I'm cleaning my basement, so wish me luck. If I don't blog tomorrow, you may want to come look for me!

3 Response to "Double Crochet"

  1. gam says:

    They really are beautiful- probably too pretty to wash the dishes!

    AuntCandi says:

    Cool - I like the bright variegated one.

    Whit says:


    The purple/blue/green one has a four row repeating pineapple pattern that is very cool. It drives Rob nuts cause he knows there's a pattern, but can't quite make it out. lol

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