Dishcloths from Australia!!

Wow! I got my dishcloths today and they are simply beautiful! Because my partner lives in Australia, she doesn't have access to some of the thicker cotton threads/yarns which means she has to use smaller thread and do more stitches. Because of this, they are very delicate and beautiful.

I almost hate to use them!!!!!! -- Thanks Anne!! I especially love the pattern of the white one!

2 Response to "Dishcloths from Australia!!"

  1. AuntCandi says:

    Very cool. I especially like the white one. Thanks so much for lunch today, Whit. It was so nice to be able to visit. Hope you liked golf, too! :)

    gam says:

    The cloths are gorgeous - that white one is a work of art - I don't think I could wash dishes with it - seriously.

    I'm glad y'all went to lunch - but I would have LOVED to be there - next weekend!

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