The Two Bears

Well, yesterday was FABULOUS spending time with my two amazing sisters. They are seriously talented wonderful women and they'd be my friends even if they weren't my sisters. Thanks, guys!!!!!

One sister brought two of her five children back to my place to visit while sister and I got haircuts (which I, for one, desperately needed!). One of her boys decided he needed something knit - and it reminded me of a little pattern I'd seen in the Summer Interweave Knits magazine.

Here is a picture of J with his bear and below is a picture of the bear I made after he left (yes, leftover hat yarn - what a great use for it!!!). These bears are ADORABLE. I had to hurry and make a second one after they left to see how quickly it would go after the initial learning. Very quick knit! You can make them with any size yarn and dpn's.

J is one of the funniest children on the planet. He is still TWO but he talks like he's ten. Last night I said something to him about his "Mom" and he said, "Her name is AMY." So I said, "Oh, you want me to call her Amy?" And he said, "She's not a coloring book." I laughed so hard I thought I was going to die. Apparently "call her" and "color" sound a lot alike when I say them.

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  1. gam says:

    those bears are way tooooo cute! of course that little boy holding his bear isn't too ugly!

    amy should write a book of joshisms - everyone always told me to write what can said - and i didn't - wish i had - it would have been a best seller!

    Whit says:

    Everything he says cracks me up. He is just SO cute.

    He LOVED his bear and told me about the time that he and his bear had been lost in the woods - but that they would never go back in the woods again. I asked him if his bear took care of him, but he told me his bear is a baby so he takes care of the bear!

    AuntCandi says:

    What a bug :). I love that kid, plus he makes me laugh!

    Whit says:

    When I was making the bear - and there were strings everywhere - he came up and said, "Oh, I love my octopus bear!"

    He's the cutest boy on my island.

    Oh, and the purple bear is mine, her name is Anibelle, don't ask me why. I was in the middle of writing a book and one of the main charicter's name is Annibelle. True, the main charicter's name is Lisa, but I didn't name my bear after HER.

    Amy K says:

    Josh still loves the bear but every time he talks about it he talks about getting lost in the woods. He's such a strange child.

    Whit says:

    That he is. But DANG cute. His was the worst of the bunch, being my first. I'll have to make him the rest of his "family" of bears. :O)

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