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Well, I have to say that I love to clean house when I have the time. I have found a system that works really well for me. In addition to my bulk cooking, this system saves me A LOT of time and helps me stay on top of things.

OF COURSE I still have bad days or weeks, but overall - this has helped me get control of my environment!

The forms I use are at Organized and are WONDERFUL. I have started my Household Notebook and am combining it with my index card system (which is now not on index cards).

Well, back to the cleaning!!!

4 Response to "Organized Home"

  1. gam says:

    ...trying to organize shows me how unorganized I really am...hard to comment on this one!

    Whit says:

    There's no such thing as being completely organized, just staying as organized as possible. At least that's how I feel. Think about it. By the time I go through my whole house - it's time to start over. So, that's what I do. SIGH

    AuntCandi says:

    That's the truth, Whit. I always get frustrated that it everything gets messed up again so quickly.

    I'm okay at keeping everything organized - I just have a few spots that are always a mess. Was just lamenting about that the other day. You realize what you would like to change in your home when you've been away from it for a while.

    I think it's because I have a spot for everything and the places that are messy are like my project room closet or my pantry where I always have new things that there isn't a set spot for.

    laura says:

    My dad, Doug and the boys constantly tease me about being compulsive about cleaning and organizing.

    Having a two year old has made my compulsive cleaning behavior go into overdrive! The house is organized -- even my "junk" drawer is organized! My biggest challenge has been getting Alex and her stuff organized.

    I've got canvas storage boxes in Alex's room (pink and purple in color) with her various toys in them. They are sorted by "type" of toy. It's so bad that when she gets finished playing with a toy, she now puts it back into its box.

    I also tore out her old closet with just the rod and 1 shelf and installed a closet system with shelves. That way she can store more stuff in her closet. Her drawers are a 4 drawer wire mesh unit that sits in the bottom of the closet just under 1 of the shelves. She can get into it to get socks, shorts, pjs, etc. when she needs them and there is no need to take up floor space in her room with a traditional dresser. Right next to it is her hamper. When she takes off her clothes at night, she goes right over and puts the dirty clothes into the hamper.

    Doug thinks I've warped her mind! BUT, it's hard enough to keep the house organized without having to worry about Alex's stuff. She has a "toy" box in each room -- the one in the family room is an ottoman that opens up; plus she has a rolling toy box that is stored in my closet that she can roll from room to room if she wants. She can get her stuff out in each room, play with it, then put it up when she's done. You should see her pushing her toy box back into mommy's closet when she is done with it! It really cuts down on clutter and saves me time and the stress of having her stuff thrown all over the house.

    The nice thing today is that there are so many cool things to help you get organized. Being an organization freak, I love looking online or in catalogs at the different stuff out there.

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