A Change in Season

Well, it's that time of year when, even though the weatherman is predicting warmer weather by the weekend, the season has changed.

You can tell because there's something in the air. Rain? Well, yes - but it's deeper than that. It's a bite that wasn't there last week. It's making potato soup and hot chocolate. It's knitting & crocheting with wool because it warms the fingers. And best of all - it's WINTER CLOTHES. I love winter clothes.

Did you ever do that "color me beautiful" season typing? What season are you? I am a winter. Black & white are my mainstays. If brown and off-white are yours, then you are "warm" and not "cool"... well, you know how it works. Do you purchase most of your clothes during a particular season? Does that season match your color season?

8 Response to "A Change in Season"

  1. Sharon says:

    I have some friends who follow the "color me beautiful" color charts like a religion, one even follows it for everything in her home from furniture to paper towels. I did it once and I think I was an autumn, but I tend to believe that everyone can wear every color as long as they find the right shade. But I guess it was right in that I love orangey-coral colors alot. I can't buy my clothes out of season. I am too much into immediate gratification, when I buy something I want to be able to wear it NOW!

    gam says:

    Of course, Steve and I are both winters - I have a hard time buying anything not red, navy, black, or white - thank goodness I have bed clothes - and that is my pastel wardrobe! I LOVE pink nighties!

    I only buy clothes that are on sale and only buy sleeves that are 3/4 or longer - so fall/winter clearance time is my favorite time to shop.

    I probably would have made a great nun - well, except for the religion part - details!

    AuntCandi says:

    lol, Mom & Sharon!

    I'm supposedly a winter. I do prefer to wear black, but as Sharon said, I wear most all colors if they're the right shade.

    TOTALLY excited for winter here!

    AuntCandi says:

    & also excited for Fall :).

    Amy K says:

    I usually love rain but it stopped the framers from working on my house yesterday - so I'm hoping for no more rain until the roof is covered.

    Whit says:

    Interestingly, Sharon & Candi - according to the whole "color me beautiful" philosophy there are three things that go into determining what to wear:

    hue (the color itself)
    value or depth (light-->dark)
    chroma or intensity (pure-->muted)

    So, the book agrees with being able to wear any color "in the right shade"...

    I actually haven't looked at the book in years - but I do still hold things up to my face to see how colors look against my skin.

    I don't think we're going to get much fall here - I think we're going straight to winter (which John says IS fall in Logan).

    Amy, how is the house building going? I hope, for your sake, that the rain holds off awhile!

    DEFINATLY a Fall, I'm dark in colors but I like dark green, red, orange, and blue (which isn't really a FALL color, but hey!)

    Boo hoo about Fall, why do we have to skip my fav. season?

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