It's in the BAG

So, I've been waiting for AGES for this pattern to show up. It is from the Creative Knitting magazing - which I will NOT be subscribing to. I ordered my free copy to get this pattern. Everything else in the mag is not my thing. Seriously.

I like the plaid of this bag - and I sort of like the handle (which is done in the round on dpn's) and the look. What I don't like is that is seamed together after it is felted. I don't mind the bottom seam so much, but there is a side seam (not pictured, of course) and I think that would be icky (technical term)... I know that to do the intarsia necessary for the plaid, I will have to seam - but it seems to me that I should seam before felting.

I think if I do this bag, it will be a very different pattern by the time I finish with it. I do find it interesting that they used the blanket stitch like I did on my Booga Bag (Mom's Bag).

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