Meet Bruno

Well, my first "painted lady" is complete. She was really fun. Just a $3 styrofoam head from Sallys and some craft paints.

Today she is sporting a pumpkin hat - an adaptation of the "Strawberry Fruit Cap" pattern.

The picture is not clear enough to make out my Fair Isle knitting on the top for the stem - I even did it with my left hand in "continental" and my right hand in "english"... worked great. Now on to Intarsia!!!

6 Response to "Meet Bruno"

  1. gam says:

    She's gorgeous! How fun - and the hat is so cute! What a fun way to display your wares!

    How neat. I never thought about painting the $3.00 head. ;) I love the hat!

    Are you going to make more?

    tammy says:

    oh wow! whit, that head is gorgeous! you are super talented! I may have to comission a special order one from you!

    Whit says:

    Thanks for the sweet words everyone. She was WAY fun to do. Yes, Ginny - I'll definitely make more. This one is Bruno, so of course I still need Blondie and Red. ;-)

    Tammy, you could totally do one - if you really don't want to I can do one for you for the cost of materials. You ARE going to help me with intarsia, after all... :O)

    WAY awsome... though I don't think I'd'a named her Bruno... but whatever makes U happy. =)

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