Well, we received our router from Vonage. I am very excited because for $10 less than we were paying for our regular phone service (with NO long distance included) we are getting ALL of the services offered through our old phone company PLUS FREE LONG DISTANCE ANYWHERE IN THE US AND CANADA. Okay, that is simply amazing!!!

If you already have cable modem or other high speed internet that is not through your phone company - you should definitely switch. They are even forwarding our phone number so we don't have to change #s.

I know I sound like a commercial - but seriously, this is very cool. Sign up today for free long distance. Now, if you don't have cable modem because of expense - but you DO spend a lot on long distance, this is still a good deal because instead of paying for long distance you could pay for high speed internet and get both!!!! Okay, I'll stop with the enthusiasm now. (however, if you want to sign up let me know and if you sign up through me you can get an extra month free - the first month is always free - k, really done now)........

5 Response to "Vonage"

  1. gam says:

    I want to check into this, but I think Dad just signed a contract with Sprint - we haven't had a contract in a very long time - but I think we're stuck for a while.

    Gam says:

    Whit, did you see that the church is putting microfilms online - that should be a great benefit -

    Tell me more

    Amy K says:

    Is your vonage working right Whitney? I was worried after talking to you last week. Like I said we've had it for over a month now and haven't had a problem. Hope you get it working right.

    Hi. Got your link to the blog in Friendly Freezer. I LOVE Vonage!! :)

    Dawn, FF gal

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