School Pictures

For the past eleven years I have tortured my children each and every picture day by making them wear sweaters. They have been extremely good sports about this, but never more than this year.

This year Katie not only has to wear a sweater - but, school pictures fell TODAY instead of the usual October date and even though we live in Northern Utah... it's still not all that chilly. Not only that, but her mother (that would be me) MADE the sweater and it's ... well, okay it's 100% wool.

However, I lucked out and she LOVES the sweater. So much, in fact, that she has insisted on wearing it all day at school. She did take a t-shirt in case she's dead by noon.

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  1. Whit says:

    Things I liked about making this sweater:

    I LOVE working with the Mauch Chunky yarn. It is simply a joy. I didn't get sick of the yarn or the color (which is rare for me on a project this big).

    I LOVE the leaf pattern. I enjoyed doing a lace pattern with bulky yarn.

    Things I HATED about doing this sweater:

    There were at least two major pattern flaws. If you do this sweater, contact me and I'll tell you what they are (they are pretty obvious, but still...)

    I will never make a sweater with the Mauch Chunky again. It is beautiful yarn, but for sweaters I like a more uniform look that just wasn't possible with a yarn that goes thin, then fluffy. It has a nice "homemade" look - but it's not my favorite look with a sweater. In the future I will use the mauch chunky pretty exclusively for felting.

    tammy says:

    OH Whit!!! Those photos are beutiful; both the sweater AND your daughter! I sense a future knitwear model! : )
    It finally occured to me that is the sweater from loop-d-loop. I just got that & another great book last night (early bday gift)! we have the trunk show for that book right now at my new workplace!!
    I am glad that your daughter loved the sweater!! She has great taste!!!

    This is beoootifull! I love the detail- and I love the color.

    gam says:

    Okay - that is breathtaking! Seriously - the sweater is beautiful, but on Kat - well, it's just amazing!!! I LOVE her hair - she is so lucky to have such a talented mom - Whit, you are amazing!

    Amy K says:

    Gorgeous sweater (and hair too). It really turned out beautiful!

    AuntCandi says:

    Beautiful sweater. Beautiful girl!

    AuntCandi says:

    P.S. Love her hair like that!

    Whit says:

    Thanks for all of the sweet comments on the sweater.

    Isn't she a beautiful girl? I just love her. I LOVE her hair like this - we'll definitely be doing it that way again.

    But not on a school day. By Seventh Period it was completely falling out! Catastrophy!
    Love the sweater, and that hair due. It would be a good one for like, curch becouse it would only have to stay in a few hours, and then I have the cool wavy hair the rest of the day.
    Okay, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the sweater! Yesterday it was FREEZING (and this is me talking- the girl who doesnt' get cold... true I've been ill so-) and I wore the sweater a lot of the day.

    Oh, and thanks. I know I'm cute. =P

    alison says:

    Ooooh, the sweater looks great! Love the hair too. :)

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