Voice of Exhaustion

So, it's Labor Day - Happy Labor Day! Yes, a holiday created by labor unions to celebrate "the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country."

Well, my opinions of labor unions are best left undiscussed on this board as I have vowed to stay away from politics here in any form. I will note that my father has a gunshot wound in his leg that has a little something to do with unions, which may have influenced my feelings on the subject at a tender age. And, for some reason, when I think of unions, I also think of Animal Farm. I guess I've probably already said too much - that's never happened before to me (hahahah). Please don't fight with me. I love you no matter what your opinions are, I promise.

Worker boy (aka dh) is in the kitchen laboring over breakfast. He is making some Jimmy Dean sausage (boy was he happy to find that in the freezer this morning, Mom), eggs and biscuits. Even though it is a day to rest from his labor, he will also shortly be going to work to get some data out for a client in London. I told him I would happily make the jump across the pond if he needed it hand delivered. No such luck. It made me start thinking of our trip last year with Mom & Dad (the picture today is one I took of them at the BEAUTIFUL Loch Lomand) and got me thinking that I need to hurry and make some money so that I can go back to Scotland.

The sweater will be finished today.

I am exhausted - I was up until after one and then up again early. So, anything I say may be coming from the depths of exhaustion.

Here are the words to a John McCutcheon song that I really wanted him to sing at the Storytelling Festival (which he did NOT because I only wrote my request on a dollar bill instead of a $20 - which may say something deeper about his true beliefs than any of his songs)... Even though I disagree with many of his politics, this song goes along with the spirit of today's holiday (and, it's a personal favorite):

(Written after Cal Ripken's record-breaking stretch of 2,131 consecutive games on September 6, 1995.)

It was one for the ages
You just had to see
So we sat on the couch
My two kids and I
And we watched on TV

It was in the fifth inning
The game it had to be stopped
The whole ballpark went nuts
When the number was dropped

My kids they clapped and they hollered
Me, I choked up with tears
Thinking back on the grace
He brought to that place

For over thirteen years

And as he stood in the spotlight
He looked so awkward and shy
When they asked to say a few words on that day
This was his reply

I'm only doing my job
Like folks everywhere
Where I come from
It's just how things are done
Doing my share

I did not love every part
Still I don't think it odd
Give your best
And to hell with the rest
Doin' my job

She gets up every morning
Gets the kids out the door
Then it's carpool and shop
Vacuum and mop
Until they're back home at four

Then it's supper and homework
Until they're all tucked away
It's a kiss and goodnight
And you turn out the light
For the four thousandth day


We deliver the mail
We grow all the crops
We teach in the schools, we put out the fires
And we clerk in the shops

We enter the data
We build the bridges and roads
We show up every day
We work for our pay
We carry the loads


So, have a great Labor Day everyone! I'm gonna get back to "doin' my job" now. :O)

6 Response to "Voice of Exhaustion"

  1. gam says:

    ...ahhhh Scotland!

    The song made me cry - what a surprise!! Isn't that what makes America great?!? We're all just trying to do our job....

    Sharon says:

    Cool song, even cooler for us Orioles fans..lol..or ex-fans as the case may be. I used to be a RABID baseball fan, the kind that read all the box scores and stats before anything else in the paper each day. But after the last players' strike I went out on strike myself and have only gone back once. That was to the game the day before Cal set that record. I just wanted to go and pay homage to his work ethic and it was very moving, the feeling in the air was electric.

    Whit says:

    Sharon, John quit watching baseball on television and in person because of the strikes - he broke his rule once to go to a Dodgers game a couple of months ago... but it was a free ticket, free plane ride and free hotel so I'm not sure that counts. lol

    It really is a beautiful song.


    gam says:

    I can hardly wait to see the sweater - amazing that you can do that! The color will be so good on Kate!

    laura says:

    I'm jealous, John cooking breakfast, how cool. Doug will pour me a bowl of cereal -- but that's the extent of his cooking ability!

    By the way, I love the bags, sweaters, etc. you are making. Wish I had some of that artistic ability that so many of our family members managed to get. But alas, I didn't get even the slightest bit of it.

    I just don't know how you manage to fit all of your projects into your schedule. I looked at your list and if I had a year, I might get 3 of them done! LOL!

    Whit says:


    Yes, John occasionally cooks breakfast and he's a fabulous cook of Japanese food.

    Thanks for the compliment on my projects. I'm sure there are plenty of things you do with your time that I would never get done in a year or more - we all have our areas. :O)

    BTW, let me know if you want anything knit/crocheted for Alex. I'd love to have a little girl to craft for!

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