Well, the AP just announced that a ticket was sold in Oregon matching all six numbers. Somebody is going to be very lucky indeedy... UNLESS they did what I heard about yesterday (and admit I thought it was a fab idea) -- you buy the lotto ticket and then you EAT IT. That way when your number doesn't win, you're happy and relieved! Hope whoever won didn't do that. $340 million is a lot of money.

What would you do? This is not for real so don't talk about donating it blah blah blah. And also - no saying, "I don't gamble" and so forth. PRETEND people - that's as close as you're going to get to the money anyhow.

Oh, side note - "hundreds of ticket buyers had played a set of numbers from the ABC drama "Lost," which featured a character who won $156 million by playing a string of digits obtained from a patient in a mental institution: 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42."

Gotta love it!!

9 Response to "Powerball"

  1. Angie says:

    I love Seattle, but I miss my family. I think I would try and convince them to move up here by offering to buy them all houses. Of course I would pay off my own house. I think I would also add a basement. I'm not quite sure how big the space is down there, but I would try to add space for food storage. I would have to debate between making it a big family room/play room, or making it another bedroom. I would make a lot of other improvements to the house too.

    I think I would also do some traveling. For Robert, I would buy the biggest screen tv I could fit in our downstairs family room.

    Beyond that, I would have to do some thinking. It's a lot of money and I'm not used to thinking in those terms.

    Robert G says:

    Well, I am not so sure why Angie is going to make improvements to the house. I would buy a whole new house.

    In my new house, would be a large entertainment room. This room would be a mini movie theater with surround sound like in the movie theater.

    We would have a game room - with video arcades, and billiards, maybe even a bowling alley.

    I would quit my job, and start my own business. Maybe become the largest Taco Bell Franchisee or something like that. Maybe even open my own sub shops (I already have a great name - "Bus Stop Subs", and you open the stores near bus stops).

    There is a lot of other things I would do, but don't want to take up all the space.

    But I would also have fun investing the money also.

    angie says:

    I would make improvements to the house because I love our neighborhood. I guess we could go back to Arizona and buy a new house. All that stuff you said sounds pretty good.

    Becky says:

    Oooooh...I would open a yarn and exercise shop. Knit & Fit. And I would hire a wonderful knitting instructor so I could learn things and have classes for others. And when I wasn't sitting all day knitting and chatting (oh, and treadmilling), I'd be traveling the world.

    (Of course, I'd give money to my family, but that's too real. The part above is the fantasy.)

    Mz Mar says:

    I'd set my kids up so they'd be comfortable and then I'd take us all somewhere!!
    Come home and spend!!!

    Sharon says:

    I'd buy new houses for myself and my parents and siblings. Give a million to each of my closest friends. Buy a brand new wardrobe. Visit every place on earth that I've always wanted to visit - pretty much the entire world. And enjoy giving money to people and places that I stumble across who could really use it.

    Sharon says:

    Oh, I didn't use "the numbers" on any lottery tix (that's while I'll never win the lottery, I never play). But I got a tshirt that has them printed across the front, now it will be fun to see how many people recognize them.

    Whit says:

    That would be an AWESOME t-shirt! I have a friend who has recorded every episode this season - so we're going to do a marathon on Wednesday and catch up. Hooray!!!

    OH... if I had 300+ million dollars I'd buy an island and lots of designer clothes. I'd do lots of wonderful things with it, but that's my "fantasy" spending.

    Whit says:

    AND - I'm loving the "knit & fit" idea. Count me in on that one. I would totally come!!! lol

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