Snake Eyes

Well, J1 is modeling the Snake Scarf. This is a b-day gift for O-Nephew. I hope he likes it!

PATTERN: The Slithering Scarf by Sarah Bradberry
YARN: Red Heart Orange & Green
NEEDLES: #8 dpn's
START: 10-10-05
COMPLETE: 10-18-05

LOVED: Enjoyed the pattern. It was easy to follow and fun to do. J1 really wanted to keep it. I guess that's one more for Christmas! I also enjoyed coming up with something a little different for the eyes. They are done double crochet around a button ring. I think it gives it that "trussssst in me" look.

HATED: I got a little yarn sick with the orange and green.

I put a little pill bottle in the bottom of the tail with some rice in it - so it rattles. Now I just need to make a red and black one!

6 Response to "Snake Eyes"

  1. AuntCandi says:

    It's sooo great!

    Sharon says:

    Love the scarf, and especially the fact that the tail rattles! I put a pic on my blog of the baby hat I made, but since I'm lazy about gauge you can see that it's obviously too big for the baby I intended it for, lol.

    Whit says:

    Ahh - gauge... I'm getting better (especially for some things) but I hear you on this one!

    I've decided that I'm going to do gauge swatches of the yarns I use most so that I don't have to do it with every project.

    Becky says:

    That is great! I am going to make one for my grandson's birthday. That's next week! Yikes! Thanks for the idea!

    Anonymous says:

    Whit, I love this scarf and I am sure my lovey dovey (2 years old grandson) will love it too! He is into snakes right now. Thanks for sharing!

    Anonymous says:

    Whit, I am new to this My name is Maria, did not want to appear anonyously. Thanks again!

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