I'm baaaaack

Disneyland was FABULOUS!! I mean, seriously. We were in the park Sunday through Thursday and it was just amazing. It was my first time in DCA and I didn't think they were going to get me off the Tower of Terror - what a great ride!! I am getting too old for rides like Space Mountain, but I really liked that tower!! I also loved Screamin' and Grizzly River Run. I have to say, though, that Splash Mountain is still my favorite. Definitely my laughin' place! Tuesday was our 17th wedding anniversary so we ate at the Blue Bayou, of course. Wonderful ambiance and J even got a mint julep (ick) to go with our monte cristo sandwiches - delicious!


  • Splash Mountain - everybody's got a laughin' place!

  • Fireworks - yes, I cried (Tink's back!)
  • Tower of Terror

  • Aladdin (musical in DCA)
  • Being one of the first ever to ride Monsters, inc. (cute dark ride, cool to get a "sneak peek")

  • Sneaking in to the park (what?!)
  • Billy Hill and the Hill Billies - I love the Golden Horseshoe!
  • Watching K on Grizzly River Run (great ride!)

  • Hearing R laugh at unexpected moments (Aladdin?!)
  • Seeing J act like an excited three-year-old! He can outlast us all!!

There were crowds like crazy considering the time of year we went - 50th Anniversary and all that, I suppose.. but it was a fabulous trip. Sunday night in the park was the perfect night. We walked on to Tower of Terror (twice!), stumbled onto front row at the Electrical Parade, got perfect seating for the fireworks and Fantasmic, walked on to Splash, Indy & then topped it off with the Jungle Cruise (complete with new pirhana!). Great times were had by all and I'd still live in the park if they'd let me. I hear Walt's apartment above the fire station is still the way he left it... I'm sure he'd approve.

1 Response to "I'm baaaaack"

  1. Looks like you all had a blast! that place is magical isn't it???

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