T is for Tychus and Tychus is for T

Well, T came to visit. We played Monopoly. A lot of Monopoly! I love Monopoly. The trouble is, I play like I play Risk (which we also played) - global domination!! I'm always the race car. You?

While he was here, he requested his tychus (like the one I made big brother T) and so I knit while we played. That is the reason he completely destroyed me. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. The child's only 7 after all...

PATTERN: Tychus, the short-row beanie from Knitty (adapted)
YARN: generic red heart type acrylic navy and white
NEEDLES: #5 straight aluminum needles
START: 12-27-05
COMPLETE: 12-28-05

LOVED: Still love this pattern. I adapted it for the head size (age 7) by using a single strand and only doing three patterns. I also do an adaptation at the end so the final row of MC matches the other stripes (I didn't like the one larger stripe) - so email me if you want the adaptation.

HATED: Don't love acrylic yarn - but still find it best for "little people" and I don't like that the top of this hat is cone-shaped (I'm sure more so because I only do three patterns) and so I end up stitching a line inside to flatten the top. Please advise if you have an adaptation for me. :O)

Mrs. B update:

Me, I still haven't even bought the yarn. I hope tomorrow to get to a store and actually do that. Sheesh.

Vanessa finished one of hers - BEE-autiful!!

Becky purchased her yarn - so she is ahead of me too!!!

Also, a big howdy to Kate who joined us today!

6 Response to "T is for Tychus and Tychus is for T"

  1. kate says:

    finished one of the mrs. b's yesterday. will post a pic as soon as i can dig out from the holiday mess that's still lying around!

    Whit says:

    Aye - I relate to that mess!! Can't wait to see the pic!

    I am doing mine on circs and am at a standstill with the second because I am so frutstrated with the first row of the first ruffle... I must be casting on to tightly, any advice?? I know you use circs too...maybe I need to magic loop it or something. I had it all cast on and was working my way around for the first row and something happpened- there were beads flying and my very precious kid silk haze was in two parts- drats I hate wasting that stuff it is so pricey~
    I will get it done though, I can't wait to wear them around!

    Julie says:

    I finished mine for Christmas. They were my little present to me...They are frilly and I love them. I posted a pic at my site today.

    Sure that's the reason Ty beat you- c'mon he's better then me in Where in the World is Carmon Sandiago? (which may not be saying much- but still where does he get the geogrophy skills?).

    Alison says:

    Better late than never - I finished mine last night! I'll email you a photo.

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