K Day

Happy birthday to my sweet Christmas angel.

You are generous and loving and you stink at ping pong - but you'll learn!
You hate cheese, but you love pizza?!

I remember the day you were born. How thrilled I was to get the most beautiful baby girl ever born! You are the sunshine in our home. How grateful I am to be blessed with you!

Twelve years you've been in our home and what a beautiful
young woman you've turned out to be!

6 Response to "K Day"

  1. Hey, I almost beet Dad in ping-pong!=P

    Amy K says:

    Happy birthday Katie!

    My pictures are so cute- I was the cutest little girl ever. =P

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    Stephanie says:

    She is beautiful! You must be a proud Mom. I can't even imagine when my girl will be twelve - but I am looking forward to all those years between!

    tammy says:

    this is a great post! made all warm & fuzzy.

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