There is a season...

So, I've been thinking about how some things are so seasonal. I love gingerbread (for instance) and yet I only ever make it at Christmas time. I seriously love it. Why not make it for the 4th of July? Hmmm..

And then, today - I hear this noise coming from my backyard. A weird, semi-recognizable noise. What is it? I ask J. He has no idea. But it sounds like something we should KNOW. I realize it is the neighbors behind us and I finally peek out the window because it's driving me NUTS. My neighbor (an older gentleman) is mowing. Yes, I said mowing. It is one of those great gas-less handpush mowers and he's mowing the lawn.

There really is a time and a season for everything.

For instance, my Mom was once traveling to watch my Dad in a track meet (college days), was pregnant, let her friend drive the stick (and she didn't know how), got caught in a blizzard and was really queasy. The friend pulled off to the side of the road so that my Mom could be sick. Meanwhile, a hitchhiker was getting really excited that in all of this horrible weather someone would actually see him, take pity on him and pull over. Well, I think you can imagine the terrible consequences that followed. Being young and embarrassed, my Mom and her friend got right back on the road. Yep, a time for everything and when your timing's off... it can get ugly.

Well, tonight is the time for my second annual New Year's Eve party. Yes, I know it's not New Year's Eve and that fact could throw everything off. I'm not really sure what we're going to do at Midnight - shout "Happy Almost New Year"... Oh well. Maybe I should get a clue from that poor hitchhiker. But instead I'm going to clean and cook and get ready to party!

It's snowing now so I'm glad mower-man is finished. Weird.

2 Response to "There is a season..."

  1. People ARE weird. =P You've met me haven't you? And dad. And yourself. (Not to mention Rob)

    Great story Whit..Um, Happy Un-New Year to you, and you.

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