Let it... rain?

Well, sadly the rain came last night and washed away most of the snow. The good news is that it will make it easier to go out and do some Christmas Shopping today. The bad news is it's still raining. What season is this anyway?!

I was the domestic goddess yesterday, scrubbing and laundering and so forth.

I went to bed early and had myself a good knit. I began again on the previously frogged left sleeve of the Weasley. This sweater makes me tired. It will be so nice when it's finished, but it's all stockinette stitch and it's just so many stitches!! I did about 3,000 stitches last night and you can see that I'm not quite to a short-sleeve length. K, after pulling faces when I suggested a vest - also said "no" to the idea of short-sleeves. Brat.

No television last night. I become less and less inclined to watch the stuff. I am still addicted to Lost, but I even stopped watching Amazing Race once the Rugrats were eliminated - which is kind of sad, cause I hear they were pretty close to my house this week (well, not really this week - I'm not that stupid)... Speaking of maps (well, sort of) - take some time today and sign my map!

Instead, I listened to my new Audible book - Anne of Green Gables. Confession - I've never READ it. I also downloaded Thomas Hardy's, Tess of the D'Urbervilles for my "Knit the Classics" group. I've never read it either and I'm feeling not-so-well-read.

I got my tree up yesterday. Maybe decorations will appear on it today. Maybe the tree-decorating fairy will come. While she's here, I hope she scrubs my bathroom.

2 Response to "Let it... rain?"

  1. Theresa says:

    Thanks for your comments on my blog yesterday - I took your advice and added some more photos today, although it's very windy and cloudy today, so hard to shoot. The shawl is the Pacific Northwest shawl from Fibertrends, rest of the specifics on the blog - knittingunderway.blogspot.com

    Good luck on the Weasley - I have a lot of trouble finishing st st stuff. Actually, right now I'm having a lot of trouble finishing anything, but that's a separate issue . . .

    Stephanie says:

    Your blog is so pretty!

    I tried reading Tess once before and couldn't finish it. So this is round two for me. I hope it works out a bit better this time!

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