The Beeton Goes On

Okay, here's an update:

Julie finished hers. Check out her blog to see the matching kerchief! I tried uploading pics but for some reason blogger is not cooperating today.

Becky's on a search for better yarn (but she's entered the ugly avatars along with Vanessa & myself so you should check theirs out!!).

Kate has also finished hers. Aren't they dreamy?

Don't forget to check out Ina's blog and Alison's blog to see their finished works of art.

AND, we have two newbies joining us. Welcome to JulieN and Mandy!!

2 Response to "The Beeton Goes On"

  1. I am so lame. I am SO frustrated with this kid silk haze and my circs-- I may be driven to sue DPN which is scary since I haven't used them EVER! while I was getting ready this morning for work I saw the pretty little ball of yarn on the floor ... I better get over it and just make the second one huh??
    AND YOU MISS WHIT! where is your Mrs. B??? have you gotten your yarn!

    Whit says:

    Blah! I still don't have my yarn. If I don't get my house clean today I'm going to be reported. I have been in some sort of funk this week - post-Christmas something or other.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your complete set!!

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