Mirror, mirror on the wall

Well, I think she's ugliest of them all. JenLa started an ugly avatar war. I just had to try. Give it a go and post your results so I can see!

Gotta admit - she's pretty bad!!


New one - cause my old girl just wasn't ugly enough to compete with Vanessa (I think this could be an addiction):

Oh NO!!! Look who showed up to the bbq!!!!

9 Response to "Mirror, mirror on the wall"

  1. jenifleur says:

    I saw that chick at a campground in Arizona. She was singing Patsy Cline rather loudly in between yelling at her kids. Just when I'd finally gotten over it.....

    La says:

    can we say pig roast in the single-wide? Soooo-eeeee!

    I really like the diaper on her head... go check out mine


    So funny!


    I fixed her Whit... I didn't realize that it is a dynamic link so any changes happen right away on the site.

    She is back to her U-G-L-Y self again. no worries here.
    ps left you a little note on Becky's site. hee hee..

    p.s.I think your girl needs to have the beer helmet on to really round out the trailer park look. tee hee!

    HOLLY !!! that takes the cake... What the!
    I decided the there needed to be a bit o love in the war... go see.

    PS I LOVE that Suuueee was allowed to stick around.

    Becky says:

    Hey, I can't compete with you guys anymore! Boy! It's scary over here!

    Stephanie says:

    Those are actually painful to look at!

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