Second Annual Blogger Holiday

Wow. I love holidays! I didn't even know there was a blogger holiday. But there is!! It is the second annual DE-lurker week. We should have a chocolate fountain party. Come on in and try it! And while you're here - say a big howdie! It doesn't have to be profound (Heaven knows I wouldn't have a blog if I had to say something important) - just a "hi" will do.

11 Response to "Second Annual Blogger Holiday"

  1. yahaira says:

    oops am I late? hi!

    Stephanie says:

    It's like a self help holiday for lurkers! LOL! :)

    Anonymous says:

    all right already, time to quit lurking. Love your site, but wish that you would list what kind of yarn you used and where the patterns came from. We seem to have the same taste in both patterns and colors! Particularly loved the cable hat and blue and pink felted bag

    tammy says:

    hey Whit! still sulking that I missed Dland! : (

    Hi Whit-whit!
    You are too much-I am still laughing about the commentary you and Beck left for me to wake up to this am.
    you know I don't lurk.. I got one big mouth, er typing mouth that is...

    Happy Day!

    Stacy says:

    If it is a holiday, Shouldn't we be allowed to stay home from work? That makes sense to me! I don't think that our bosses will understand the need for this type of holiday.

    Love your blog and your podcast. Keep it up!

    Hey Whit

    Thanks for bring this to every ones attention - I second that we should have this as a "new" holiday!

    Happy Blogging

    Becky says:

    Cool holiday. I agree that it should be a day off work to surf the blogs.

    Sharon says:

    Woohoo, always up for another holiday...but it should be later in the year when it's warm enough for fireworks and the good old blog barbque (recipes found online of course)!

    Jennifer says:

    Hello! I just downloaded your podcast yesterday and look forward to listening to it today while the kidlets take a little siesta.

    teabird17 says:

    Love your avatar! I chose the same tote bag, but the pig.... I stayed with a cat. Such a conservative. (NOT!) I enjoy your blog --

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