A day at the gym...

So, I've been back at the gym for two days now. Here are some thoughts...

  • Skinny women who work out impress me. If I was a skinny woman I would not work out. Probably.
  • Watching a decorating show while working out keeps me working out longer. I planned on 45 minutes on the treadmill and went almost 55 due to the show I was watching.
  • Spinning has nothing to do with this.

Okay... now to be accountable.

  • I did 15 minutes on the bike. I don't know why I can't bike longer, but I can't. Maybe it's because I'm 100 pounds overweight. Hmmm... could be.
  • I did nearly 55 minutes on the treadmill going 3 mph. I started at 3.5, but soon realized that if I wanted to go for 45 (+) minutes I was going to need to slow down. So, I did.

I will post later about my "diet."


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