Water Aerobics

So, I should be working on Primary leadership training for this Thursday... that, and I need to get the podcast to Stephen and I need to record another podcast and I really should clean something and I have two blogs that NEED updated in a bad way...

But, first I wanted to drop in and say that I made it to the water aerobics class today. I love, love, love water aerobics. No music today - just a good cardio workout. I hurt in places I forgot I had. Like any workout, you get out of water aerobics what you put into it. I choose to not wear the belt and to work as hard as I can. But, the class is an hour long and I feel like I have so far to go. But, it felt really good to be back!

Also, the hot tub felt good at the end.

By the end of my workout I do not have enough energy to do my hair and makeup. I'm lucky to get through the shower and dressing part. Hopefully this will improve with a little time.

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